Yang’s Baptism Testimony

Because of Love, life becomes meaningful. 

In the past, Christianity was only a religion name in my dictionary, and churches meant sophisticated baroque or gothic architectures where people play organ and sing hymns in them. Around the age of 14, I was attracted to churches because of their beautiful interior decorations and the touching music that they play, so when I stared at the cross, I could feel something around me – the presence of God! But I did not know that it was encountering God, for the first time, nor did I know that one day I would become a Christian. Then I started to believe in God and knew that he is the most powerful one. I started my first prayer around the same time, where my stomach ache got healed instantly, and I continued to pray (in my own way) every night for the past 10 years. In secondary school, I got to learn more about Christianity in religious studies and took its teaching to heart, I began to live a Christian life, and be what I perceived as a ‘good person’. I was probably one of the easiest people to be persuaded to attend a church service, because I love church environments; but the hardest to convince to become a ‘real’ Christian because I was put off by the weekly commitments that one has. Due to my lack of understanding of the true meaning of being a Christian, I decided to live in a way that I believe is right, and how it would please others and the society. 

Despite I did not go to church to worship and praise God, I was able to experience his presence and love many times at different levels in the past 10 years. My confidence in his unconditional love led me to take his love from granted. As a result, I rejected many people’s evangelism in the past, even including Brother and Sister Li’s several attempts to invite me to the ECC Church. After almost 2 years without contact, I bumped into Brother Li on a Sunday after the English service, right outside ECC Church in Chinatown, who invited me to his birthday party. Later I found out that Brother and Sister Li, who are my best friends from university live just a stone’s throw from my house. I then heard the voice of God saying that he was looking for me again. The Lord has not given me up for so long, why should I reject him again. Then I started going to ECC Church regularly.

Having accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour,  I have learnt and realised how wrong my mindset was before, my understanding of Christianity and approach to life; and I am amazed how He has corrected and molded my behaviours and mindset everyday. I learnt not to judge people or I too will be judged, to love my enemies, to have complete trust in He and not to worry or fear. Above of all, The Lord has helped me to discover the purpose of life, that is to LOVE others like how He loves us. Being a Christian is not only about being a good person, it is about being a channel of blessing to people. We love because he first loved us. (1 John 4:19) Amen.