Jodie’s Baptism Testimony

My Mum became a Christian for about 7 years. She always tells me how amazing God is and how he transformed her. My Mum encouraged me to go church with her all the time, which I have a few times on special occasions. In 2008 I accepted Jesus, but I wasn’t t a true Christian. I didn’t go church on a weekly basis and I never even tried to build a close relationship with God until May 2014.

8 months ago, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Ella. Me and my husband felt so blessed that I had a natural delivery and that she was born healthy up until when she was 7 weeks old.

On Friday 16th May. Ella was up crying all night, she didn’t sleep. Me and my husband didn’t know what was wrong.

The next morning I noticed Ella had a high temperature, so me and my husband took her to the GP. The Doctor told us that Ella  may have an infection so he quickly transferred us to A&E. At that time me and my husband starting to get more worried.

When we got to A&E, things started to get serious. They gave Ella a blood test and found out her blood glucose was extremely high that it can cause life threatening. They first believed she may have meningitis. They took Ella to have a scan and and an x-ray. They done further test on Ella. Me and my husband couldn’t bare to watch our daughter suffer in pain anymore. Ella was constantly getting pricked with needles causing her pain and discomfort.

Later that night, Ella got transferred to ICU at The Royal London Hospital.

We have been told her health was really unstable and that she may have a high chance to be diagnose with diabetes. Me and my husband was traumatised by this news.

The consultant found this strange as there was no family history of diabetes with both of us.

Ella was on antibiotics with drips in both hands and one in her feet. We wasn’t allow to feed Ella until she was stable. The most painful part was seeing her constantly crying in pain, in hunger and wanting us to pick her up. As a Mum I felt totally useless, I couldn’t do anything but to cry and to watch her suffering in pain.

At that time, I felt the only person I can turn to for help was God! That was the only hope I had. I called my mum straight away asking her to pray for Ella. That night for the very first time I prayed to Jesus asking him to heal Ella, asking him for forgiveness and for mercy.

The next day, I received a lot of prayers from my mum and everyone here at the church. Later, praise the lord Ella was allowed to be fed, she had all tubes removed from her body. She was a lot stable so she got transferred from the ICU to the Children’s Ward.

Although Ella’s condition was a lot more stable at the time, the Consultant suggested that she needs an insulin pump to control her sugar level and may need it for a life time. This is a small machine that attached to her with needles going into her both thighs.

Me and Ella was kept at the hospital for 2 weeks whilst waiting for the result to see whether she would be diagnosed with permanent or transient diabetes.

During our times at the hospital, I was physically and mentally drained. I was depressed, scared and I felt I was losing my mind. I was so hurt to see Ella everyday having needles going into her, taking blood test from her and seeing two machines attached her. I refused to accept the fact that Ella had diabetes and kept telling myself to have faith in God.

I prayed every day and night crying asking Jesus to heal Ella and asking him to give me the strength and peace.

After 2 weeks the consultant sent us home with Ella still having the machine attached to her and to await for the results. We attended the healing service where Pastor Bobby prayed for Ella. On the same day I also declared myself a Christian again.

Within a week, I received a call with good news! Praise the lord Ella was not diagnosed with permanent diabetes and was only diagnosed transient which means that her pancreas is producing insulin. However, the passage from the pancreas is not allowing enough insulin into her blood stream.

The Doctor prescribed a medicine which can unblock her passage.

The next day we went back to hospital to stay for another week, so that Ella can get used to the medicine thats been prescribed to her.  Within no time Ella had both of the machine taken out of her and was totally stabilised.

It has been 6 months now, I have never questioned myself why we went through this experienced. But to only thank God. Without what we have been through, I would not experienced the amazing God’s work and I wouldn’t have made a strong relationship with him. He is really our saviour.

I feel so blessed to be the way I am now. God gave me the strength, he taught me not to give up as how he would not give up on us.

Despite the fact that  Ella is still taking medicine and is not 100% healed, I will not give up on God because I know Ella will receive total healing from him. I believe nothing is impossible with Jesus. Up until today, God continues his blessings on me and Ella and the rest of my family.

I just want to say to whoever is facing hard times right now, turn to God and he will turn to you. As long as you put 100% faith into God and believe me, miracles will start happening to you.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank my husband, my family, my friends and to everyone at church who came to visit and prayed for me and Ella. I really appreciate it all and I am so thankful to be part of this loving family.