Church Photo Album

Small reminders that church is family!

A sample page of gallery items for you to use

To figure out how these works simply refer to this page in the Word Press control dashboard. you can then recreate the changes anywhere. Your event photos look awesome by the way! Best wishes, Ryan

In the example below you will see that we use the Gallery to get the first image to open a video (link to your Vimeo or Youtube channel for ECC London). You can also use a thumbnail to open another URL, to open a lightbox image etc. Very good for content!

Three column gallery with sidebar

This is a Grid Gallery

You can add this on any Post or Page. So for example, if you have a post which is about a trip away and you take lots of photos then you can post them here and people can scroll through.

This is a Thumbnail Gallery

This is similar to the left but it has one focal point and images load into a slide.