Daily Bible Thoughts (Exodus 23)

Exodus Chapter 23
God’s people need to live a life that honour God. Do not follow what is not right, love your enemies, and have compassion on the poor (1-9). Honour God by observing the feast (10-19). Verses 24 and 33 asks God’s people not to serve idols. Those who honour God will receive the blessings (20-33).
It is important to put God first in our life. How we honour God is reflected by how we treat one another and how we give our best to God. If we do what God asks us to do, we will see all the blessings that God promised to give us. From verses 20-33 God said “I will” many times. He will guide us. He will protect us. He will bless us. If we do our part and worship true God alone without idols, we will see the blessings come into our life.