Daily Bible Thoughts (Exodus 22)

Chapter 22 continues “the laws” Moses was asked by God “to set before” Israelites (Exod 21:1).
The word “restitution” appears repeatedly in chapter 22. It is obvious one of the themes in this chapter, especially from verse 1 to 15. We can see God’s justice from these commands about restitution. Through restitution, those who sinned also have a way to express their repentence.
Moreover, We can also see God’s protection among Israelites. Verses 1-16 are about protection of properties, 17-20 about spritual integrity, 21-27 about foreigners and poor people, 28 about leaders, 29-31 about the holiness of sanctuary.
God reveals His holiness through these commands and build a holy community, as God commands Israelites “to be my [His] holy people (22:31)”. Being part of God’s holy people is not just about personal worship. We are sanctified through the work of Jesus Chirst. We are sent out to reflect God’s holiness in daily life. We learn to love not only God but people whom God loves. We learn from this chapter that God loves people regardless of their possession or social status, where they are laypeople or leaders, people with possessions or poor ones, born as Israelites or foreigners. Because of God’s love, we learn love God and people, building a holy community together, expressing love towards each other and the rest of the world.