New Book: Hearing God’s Voice (Ps. Bobby)


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Dr. Bobby Y.K Sung is the founder and Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Chinese church. He first encountered the Lord in Christmas 1986 after a friend shared the gospel with him. After receiving and accepting Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour, he was filled with an earnest desire to share his newfound faith with everyone he met. His zeal and passion for the Lord inspired his family to know and follow Jesus

Shortly after his conversion, it became apparent that the Holy Spirit had baptised him in a completely unique and extraordinary manner. After being filled with the Spirit, Dr. Bobby Y.K Sung found himself naturally evangelising and ministering in a variety of supernatural spiritual gifts. Since the day of his salvation, the fire of God has burned incessantly in his heart. This is reflected in the rapid growth of his
ministry as his passion for Jesus continues to ignite, inspire and touch the lives of many. In January 1999, he gave up his business in response to God’s calling for him to serve in full time ministry. His greatest passions are reaching out to the lost, nurturing new believers and training passionate leaders of the Kingdom. Dr. Bobby Y.K Sung has three grown up children. His wife serves the Lord along side him as a great and powerful intercessor in the church.

This book will encourage and bless all people to hear the voice of God and develop their own relationship with Jesus. For more titles from this author see


There are many books that have been written on the subject of ‘Hearing God’s Voice’. Most authors have concurred on how God speaks while on the other hand perspectives differ. Pastor Bobby Sung in his book ‘Hearing God’s Voice’ provides a unique and excellent thesis on the subject, giving clarity and provides a systematic guide that helps the reader on how to hear God effectively.

Pastor Bobby shares his personal testimony on how reading the Word of God continually broke the power of alcohol and smoking addiction off his life. Soon after, God called him into full time ministry.

The book concludes with teaching on how to discern and know the voice of God and provides practical ways on how God’s voice can be heard.

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‘Hearing God’s Voice’ is simple and easy to read. I recommend this book to anyone who has a desire to hear God’s voice. Pastor Bobby’s unique account will certainly provide the tools you need to hear God clearly and frequently.
Bishop John Francis, Ruach City Church, London UK