New Book: Favour of God (Ps. Bobby)



This is Pastor Bobby Sung’s second book. There are many things in this world that we do not understand. We sometimes see people who have done bad things succeed in life and often those who do good things appear to be less successful. We wonder to ourselves “What is going on?” We may try to use our own judgement to assess what is happening in other people’s lives, without fully understanding their situation. Only God knows all things, He is the almighty and He is the all knowing God.

In this book, Pastor Bobby skilfully tackles the subject of Grace and the life that we as Children of God must live in order to obtain God’s favour over our lives. The words penned in this book are a reminder to the reader that one must position themselves with the right mind to speak words of faith to obtain God’s favour in your life.

We pray that as you read through each page, you are blessed, encouraged, edified and your lives are enriched in the fullness that all God has in store for you.