A New Life

I did not understand what love is as I grew up in an environment, where I had to witness beating and shouting, listen to criticisms, quarrels and abuse. I was told that my worth and values were based on my social status, achievements and income. I was puzzled and insecure about building relationships. I was super-charged with fear due to anger and violence. The most basic needs of being listened to, cared for, free to express opinions, emotional needs, be trusted and understood had not been fully satisfied. Being the eldest child, I am responsible to care for my siblings. Whenever I witnessed physical or verbal abuse, I felt a strong urge to protect the weak and innocent ones. I did not realize that I had a huge burden as I went through my childhood, which no one understood and was not dealt with openly. The feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, pain and loneliness started to affect all areas of my life including my health. I was searching for the purpose of my life and the meaning of happiness for many years while I was practicing as a dentist.

I first came to know a Christian friend at University and I attended cell meetings several times. However, I was not allowed to go to church despite I needed to get saved. God knows my heart and how long I have been longing to find Him. In 2015, Jesus Christ came to look for me through one of the members in Emmanuel Chinese Church and I strongly believe that this is God’s perfect timing. I encountered God in this Church immediately at the first sermon and this Church has helped me to grow spiritually after I received my salvation. My Lord accepted me as who I was and adopted me as His own child.

The most wonderful thing is that I found my worth and values in God. Little by little, glory to glory, I received a totally new Spirit and a new mind. God is so good and faithful that I know how much He loves me. By grace, I received healing and restoration through faith. Sins were washed away and my history no longer exists. God has not only saved me and transformed my life, He also saved my family. I received the amazing power of forgiveness from God so I could live a new life. I am stronger as I put my faith in God first and I fully understand other people’s pain. I believe it has made me able to reach out to those who have the same pain and needs. Psalm 27:10 says “though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me”. God has turned sorrows into joy in 4 months’ time and with the conditions I am in today, I know that my God is alive and well. It is only possible with God. My God continues to perform miracles in me and His Spirit is with me every single day. This is the power of my God.

I received my salvation through the abundance of love, care and protection from God. Because of Him, my future is drawing me into a hope-filled life that has a purpose saying “on Earth as it is in heaven”. Without the encounter with Jesus, my life would be incomplete. Through Him, I am able to demonstrate the absolute love, affection, and the purpose that God has in my life. That one life can end up being a benefit to many other people.

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